Thursday 1 Oct, 2015

Program Spotlight: A Taste of Italy

Whether you’re introducing the next generation of chefs to new techniques or exploring age-old traditions, A Taste of Italy is your chance to share and experience the unique flavors of Italy.
Far from the busy streets of Rome, you’ll find the winding vineyards and earthy farms that are at the heart of the Old Country, and plenty of friendly locals waiting to welcome you. No, we didn’t find your long-lost Italian relatives—but with the help of our local guides, you won’t need them.

Start your culinary expedition by embracing the Italian-born Slow Food Movement, whose sustainable model reconnects farmers and consumers on a local level. The best place to begin is on a farm, of course. Head north from Bra on a journey into rural Turin, and learn centuries-old farming practices from locals eager to share them. Try your hand at techniques and recipes that have been passed down for generations—and won’t be found in any cookbook. Deep in the pastures where cattle and crops are much more than just roadside scenery, you’ll wonder how anyone could see food differently.

“Straight out of the Italian tradition, this program is made up of good food, good wine and good culture—what’s not to like?”

Slow Food Movement aficionados will tell you that the adventure doesn’t end once the food leaves the farm. Step into the streets of Bologna, where the crops you saw in the fields reappear as baskets of leafy kale and fresh oregano. Your local guide—and most likely anybody on the street—will be able to tell you which farms or homes the food you see came from. You’ll feel like family as locals show you their favorite bistros and hidden trattorias, where you can enjoy an authentic meal and put some conversational Italian to good use. You’ll also get cooking lessons from traditional Italian chefs so you can put a new spin on your favorite classic, and savor today what you’ll share in your own kitchen tomorrow.

This is just one of many experiences available with faculty-led study abroad. Take your students all over Italy or help us create a custom itinerary based on your curriculum. Let’s make it happen.

Taste of Italy