Monday 4 Jun, 2012

The ROI of Studying Abroad

More and more college students are going abroad these days, and naturally, that’s got more people considering the option for themselves. “Is going abroad worth it?” they wonder. “What is it that students are after when they choose to study in another country,” they ask, “and do they find it?” Suffice it to say the romantic tales of exploring the Louvre or the Tower of London that pour from the mouths of returning travelers can stir the imagination, but when the time comes to consider such options for oneself, there’s no substitute for real, hard evidence—and justifiably so.

Luckily, the good folks at Course Hero have stepped up to the challenge, compiling some seriously convincing data in this fascinating infographic. The read is a quick one, but the takeaway message has long-term implications: the benefits of going abroad during college are real and tangible—and moreover, may even be more substantial than previously thought. Some compelling statistics, quantifying the thoughts of employers and students who’ve gone abroad, reveal a reality in which transcultural competence has become critical to success—a reality in which, for example, 73% of employers say study abroad is important when evaluating the resume of a job candidate for a junior level position! For my money, it’s a powerful case, and a reminder that College Study Tours’ flexible and affordable take on international study has never been more valuable.

Check it out, ponder it and tell us: what does going abroad mean to you?

ROI of Study Abroad