Friday 26 Oct, 2012

Changing lives, not departure fees

What does that mean exactly? It means we’re dedicated to giving you the experience of a lifetime without bothering you with prices that change when you least expect it. In an industry-leading decision, we are stopping fee increases for all our travelers.

Starting with 2014 tours, The EF Price Guarantee means you can lock in a price just by enrolling on a tour. So on top of giving you the lowest price possible, now you’ll never have to pay enrollment fees or departure fees. Excited? You have no idea how thrilled we are.


I haven’t enrolled yet, what does this mean to me?

If you’re excited to join your professor on tour in 2014, you now have even more to jump up and down about. As soon as you enroll on the tour, your price will be set and it will not fluctuate. Period.

How did you come up with this new guarantee?

You asked—we listened. We know it’s been tough dealing with changing departure fees—believe us, it’s been hard on us too. We’ve been working towards a guarantee like this for a while now and we’re happy to announce that it’s in effect starting with 2014 tours.

What’s next?

We’re working on space and time travel. Ha—just kidding. We’re too busy creating amazing tours we know you’ll love just as much as going back in time. For more information on the price guarantee, click here. For more information on space travel, study harder.