Tuesday 16 Sep, 2014

New! EF College Study web experience

In June 2014, EF College Study launched a brand new website. We hope that the improved web experience, coupled with our expert guidance and end-to-end support, will inspire you to take education outside of the classroom and use it to see the world.


1) Request a free guidebook or download it at efcst.com/partnershipguide

2) Travelers/Parents and Faculty/Staff can contact us here via phone or email

3) Select Browse Programs to see our programs by Area of Study

4) Find out how faculty-led travel works, watch a video about the experience abroad, and examples of how to build your own program

5) Learn more about the EF College Study team and the world of EF

6) Enter your tour number here to view details or enroll on a program


EF College Study Tours Homepage

Program Search

7) Browse Programs by Area of Study


EF College Study Tours Areas of Study page

8) Or filter programs by Destination

Once you’ve selected the destinations you’re interested in visiting, get inspired by our beautiful program pages

EF College Study Tours Destination Filters


Happy travels!