Wednesday 23 Sep, 2015

Trending Destination: Australia & New Zealand

Separated only by the Tasman Sea, Australia and New Zealand offer two distinct cultures—one of British influence and one of indigenous descent. Australia’s vibrant cities contrast with its Aboriginal past, and in New Zealand the rustic farmland and Kiwi attitude provide a breath of fresh air and natural wonder.


Teaching Moments in Australia and New Zealand

1) One location that must be seen to be believed is the famous Great Barrier Reef.  Not only the world’s largest coral reef system, it is the largest single structure made by living organisms and visible from space.  See first hand the beauty of the wildlife and why it must be protected now more than ever.

Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef

2) Visit a village of the Maori, the native people of New Zealand, on an anthropological study.  Learn about the ancient legends and Maori tribal customs that have been passed down for generations.


3) Get a taste of the beauty Australia has to offer by visiting the scenic Blue Mountains in New South Wales, just West of Sydney.  Go through the rain-forests of Jamison Valley before stopping by the Sydney Olympic Park.


Above are just a few examples of where we can facilitate educational discoveries. Take your students all over Australia and New Zealand or help us create a custom itinerary based on your curriculum. Let’s make it happen.