Wednesday 9 Sep, 2015

Off the Beaten Path: Musee Fragonard D’Alfort

It’s no secret that cities like Paris, Barcelona and Prague are incredible places to explore. But once the thrill of travel has settled in and you start focusing on what really catches your eye, you’re bound to unearth something amazing. Take a closer look into some of our favorite finds from off the beaten path, and consider how they might add a distinctive touch to your syllabus.

Paris, France: Musée Fragonard D’Alfort

Tucked away on the National Veterinary School of Alfort campus you’ll find the Musée Fragonard—one of Paris’ strangest and most underrated museums. Ideal for lovers of natural history, medicine and psychology, it is home to an astounding number of biological curiosities preserved from the 19th century. Imagine an 18th century Body Worlds curated by Salvador Dali. The most striking exhibits are the écorchés (flayed and skinned cadavers) prepared by Honoré Fragonard—the school’s first professor of anatomy until he was expelled in 1771 for madness.
Expect the coziness that comes with most natural history museums, with Fragonard’s ‘secret’ back room being the perfect place to teach his mysterious preservation techniques. It’s a rare spot even for Parisians, and the halls are sparsely populated with academics visiting from all over the country. There are also personal audio players available (in English) that tell the stories behind the hundreds of curiosities in all four rooms.

Creepy Horse

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