Wednesday 9 Dec, 2015

Trending Destination: Florence, Italy

The birthplace of the Italian language and opera continues to influence art, culture and politics throughout the world. Its world-renowned museums, architecture and history provide a beautiful backdrop for learning and help bring the political, social and artistic implications of the Renaissance era to life.


Teaching Moments in Florence

1) Spark your inner muse at Uffizi, one of the oldest and most famous museums of art.  Over 400 years old, it continues to maintain a wide selection of masterpieces by famous Italian artists such as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, and many others.


2) One of the most recognizable spots of Florence is the Piazza del Duomo, which contains within its radius the most famous buildings of the city.  Few churches can compare to the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, in both size and style. And there’s the Duomo, the world’s largest masonry dome, which dominate the square and skyline.

3) Florence is also the spot of so many scientific revelations from the Renaissance.  From Leonardo Da Vinci’s breakthroughs in engineering and anatomy, to Galileo’s discoveries in optics and astronomy.  Learn how these inventors were able to express their genius and expand man’s understanding of the natural world.


Above are just a few examples where we’ve helped facilitate educational discoveries. Take your students all over Italy or help us create a custom itinerary based on your curriculum. Let’s make it happen.