Wednesday 30 Dec, 2015

Trending Destination: Costa Rica

This dynamic country is constantly evolving. What was once a nation struggling with poverty is now a nation filled with hope. Discover Costa Rica’s perfect balance of adventure and ecology for yourself. Its well-protected national reserves, diversity of wildlife and laidback lifestyle make it the heart of Central America—and the perfect place for any syllabus.

Costa Rica Beach

Teaching Moments in Costa Rica

1) Take a relaxing dip in some natural hot springs just outside of Arenal.  Wondering where they get their heat from?  A near by Volcano of course!

Costa Rica Hot Springs

2) Founded in 1978, Braulio National Park was built to preserve the wildlife of the area, from jaguars and ocelots to quetzals and eagles. Take in views of the dense overhanging flora, nearby valleys and volcano craters.

Costa Rica_Braulio_Carrillo

3) Costa Rica’s largest cash crop are bananas, which the country produces over half a billion worth of yearly. Stop and see how they can produce so much of this tropical fruit while maintaining a safe and sustainable work environment.

Costa Rica Banana Plantation

Above are just a few examples where we’ve helped facilitate educational discoveries. Take your students all over Costa Rica or help us create a custom itinerary based on your curriculum. Let’s make it happen.