Wednesday 26 Aug, 2015

Off the Beaten Path: Yonghe Temple, Beijing

It’s no secret that cities like Paris, Barcelona and Prague are incredible places to explore. But once the thrill of travel has settled in and you start focusing on what really catches your eye, you’re bound to unearth something amazing. Take a closer look into some of our favorite finds from off the beaten path, and consider how they might add a distinctive touch to your syllabus.

Yonghe Temple

Beijing, China:  Yonghe Temple

As you move through the compound of Yonghe Temple (built: 1694), you’ll find the buildings—and the Buddha statues inside them—getting progressively larger. The final Buddha is 50 feet tall, and made out of a single piece of sandalwood. This is amazing in and of itself, but it takes on a deeper significance when you think about how integral Buddha is not just to the spiritual, but also to everyday life in China.

Yonghe Temple’s wonders don’t stop here. Testifying to the glory and spectacle of religion in ancient times are the bronze statues of the Buddhas of the Three Ages, and the Five Hundred Arhat Hill, a carving made of red sandalwood with statues of the arhats made from five different metals—
gold, silver, copper, iron and tin.

Yonghe Statue

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