How to Make Your Plane Time FLY BY!

  When traveling for many hours through different time zones, it's easy to feel thrown off. The wait times, the early…

5 Necessities to Bring in Your EF Backpack

We know you don’t want to forget anything you’re going to need so we’ve outlined a list of some must-haves to ensure you have a great time exploring!

4 Reasons You Should Bring a Disposable Camera with You on...

Whether you’re heading to the coast of Barcelona or the mountains of Peru there will be a boat-load of memories that you will want to capture on your program.

A Vegetarian Abroad: How to Savor the Experience

I just returned from a culinary program to London, Paris, and Rome, and I was very happy with my meals. However, EF College Study does an excellent job making sure travelers with dietary restrictions are taken care of.

Top 10 In-Flight Necessities

For some, the excitement of travel is enough to distract them through even the most painful layovers and delays. For the rest of us, we need a little assistance to help us make it through the flight. We asked our EF travelers for the best ways to keep it together at 20,000 ft., and here's what they told us.

Photography 101: Taking Photos on Tour

As I look back on that trip though, I find that most of my "people" shots are simply group shots that defy any personal identification. So how should we approach photography on tour?