Off the Beaten Path: Holy Mountain Tower

It’s no secret that cities like Paris, Barcelona and Prague are incredible places to explore. But once the thrill of travel has settled in and you start focusing on what really catches your eye, you’re bound to unearth something amazing. Take a closer look into some of our favorite finds from off the beaten path, and consider how they might add a distinctive touch to your syllabus.

Heidelberg, Germany: Holy Mountain Tower

Our favorite view of Heidelberg is from the top of the Holy Mountain Tower—and the journey there is just as good. With the Heidelberg Castle behind you, head across the massive Old Bridge (Alte Brücke), then take a left and walk along the stonewall. When you spot a narrow walled opening, cut through onto the path and begin your hike up the hill of Heiligenberg. Keep an eye out for a sign to Philosophenweg (‘philosopher’s way,’ named for visitors like Goethe), which will take you off the trail and through charming historic neighborhoods. Keep heading toward the top and you’ll find the 18th century observation tower waiting for your ascent.


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