4 Reasons You Should Bring a Disposable Camera with You on Your Next Trip


Unsplash / @morbo

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Whether you’re heading to the coast of Barcelona or the mountains of Peru (or even if you’re just in the ideation phase and want help planning your faculty-led program) there will be a boat-load of memories that you will want to capture, and what a better way to snap those authentic shots than with a good old fashion disposable camera?  Now we’re not saying leave your iPhone, Canon, Nikon, or GoPro at home, as there will definitely be moments to grab detailed snapshots of your travels where a higher quality camera will be best. But rewinding to the days of disposable cameras is always fun and can be another way to explore a new place!

1. Capture Different Perspectives

Disposable cameras originated before the time of front-facing cameras and selfies so if you would like to be in the picture, you will have to ask someone for help taking the photo. This can be interesting because everyone’s photography styles are different and you may just be pleasantly surprised by the shot! Disposable cameras are also relatively inexpensive, meaning you won’t have to worry about handing them over to your friend, or a complete stranger to ask for help taking a picture.

If you’re a Group Leader, you may want to pick up several disposable cameras prior to your departure. Once you arrive at your destination you can hand them out to your students and ask that they pass the cameras around each day. This will allow everyone to capture what they believe is a significant cultural moment. Maybe it’s the way the sun hits a certain statue in Rome, or wildlife in Costa Rica. Moments captured by one student may have been missed by others. This is a unique way to understand your student’s individual perspectives, while encouraging them to take the time to pause and absorb their surroundings, in addition to our many global learning resources to help students grow. Learn more about those and how we support faculty in planning short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs.

Once you return back to campus, have the photos developed and reflect on them with your students. Ask questions about why certain photos were taken, how they’re significant to your journey, and what everyone was feeling in those moments. This will surely spark conversation in the classroom and have everyone wondering when the next trip is!

(Credit – Unsplash: @lucadgr)

@lucadgr / via Unsplash

2. Built-Up Excitement

There’s just something about capturing a photo and not being able to see it in that very moment. In my opinion, it allows you to focus on the moment more, rather than feeling stuck in one spot snapping numerous shots trying to capture the “perfect” photo. With a disposable camera, you are able to peer through the tiny square, focus on your scene, hear the infamous click once, and move on to your next travel must-see spot.

Most likely, you will have to wait until you return home to get the film developed at your local drugstore, but the suspense and build-up leading up to you opening the envelope of photos is rather special. As you flip through the photos you are easily able to immerse yourself back into your long days of traveling and you will feel like you never left.

@tikh / via Unsplash

3. Authentic

Now the photos you take on your disposable camera may not be totally Instagram worthy, but they will always be unique. Disposable cameras are known for their dim corners and odd lighting. The imperfect quality can make the image just that much more authentic and realistic. Including these photos in a photo album or scrapbook can often tell a deeper and more genuine story.

@matheusferrero / via Unsplash

4. Inexpensive

Disposable cameras are relatively inexpensive. If you were to misplace your disposable camera while exploring, besides being crushed you lost your travel snapshots, you wouldn’t necessarily be losing a camera that is a large investment. We mapped out a few disposable camera options below to help guide you to which ones fit best with your trip.

  • The Kodak FunSaver is one of the lowest-priced disposable cameras at around $8 but still guarantees you 27 images, perfect for a week-long adventure to say, Discover Iceland.
  • If your travels include a tropical destination, such as our Biodiversity in Belize program, or somewhere where you want your camera protected from water, like the Marine Conservation in the Dominican Republic program, the Kodak Weekend Underwater camera is perfect!
  • If you’re heading out on a longer program like, Switzerland, Italy & the French Riviera, the Fujifilm Disposable 35mm Camera with Flash might be your best option because this camera can be purchased in a 2 pack!

Disposable cameras are what you make of them, so embrace the imperfect, gain a new perspective and start capturing your next adventure!

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