EF Impact Report

EF Impact Report

Our first ever EF Impact Report shares how the EF community is opening the world through education together and why it matters.

Meet the winners of this year’s Nobel Week Dialogue: An EF...

Fueled by a common belief that in order to change the world you need to experience it, EF College Study and The Forum on Education Abroad created a first-of-its-kind, high-impact student scholarship program, in collaboration with EF's educational partner the Nobel Prize Museum. Meet this year's recipients.
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5 Ways Travel Helps Your Students Grow

Here are just 5 of the ways an EF College Study program can help your students grow and gain skills to navigate and make an impact in our ever-evolving world.
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How to Leverage Your Study Abroad Experience in a Cover Letter

Why write a cover letter?  A cover letter is your opportunity to tell a company why they should hire you. While your resume…

How to Leverage Study Abroad on Your Resume

Your experience on an EF College Study program will add value to your resume no matter the nature of the position you are applying for. To get you started in the process, we have included a few examples of what it might look like to add your experience to your resume.

Using Cultural Intelligence to Create Inclusive, Equitable, and Anti-Racist Learning Environments

Dr. Marissa Lombardi of EF College Study and Dr. Sandra Upton of Cultural Intelligence Center discuss the importance of creating inclusive and equitable learning environments.