The Impact of Study Abroad

“The role of business is not just to make money, but to make our world a better place.” –Bertil Hult, Founder of EF Education…
students working together

5 Ways Travel Helps Your Students Grow

Here are just 5 of the ways an EF College Study program can help your students grow and gain skills to navigate and make an impact in our ever-evolving world.

Zero Waste Toiletry Kit

Looking to put together a toiletry bag for your upcoming program? We have outlined a few limited waste options to fill your own kit with everything you need to smell great while also keeping the environment in mind during your travels.

Why Learn a Language?

As we begin 2019, we thought it important to check in with a few education partners to see what new initiatives they might have in store for this school year. Among the most exciting initiatives we’ve learned about is Lead with Languages powered by ACTFL.

4 Ways to Talk About Your Global Skills

Whether you studied abroad for a semester or traveled on a faculty-led program with your professor, employers recognize that candidates with experience abroad have gained the global perspective needed to compete in a diverse economy.

The Joys of Studying Abroad

I have what is politely called a chequered educational background. Dropped out of school at 15, ended up at night school a few years later (after a lot of travelling), fell into university in London, became an EF Tour Director, then went back to university to do a Master's programme for my own entertainment.