11 Must-Have Gifts for Travelers: Gadgets, Knickknacks, and Time Saving Doodads

Looking for the perfect gift for someone else or even for yourself? If you or someone you know is planning on turning this winter’s downtime into adventure-time, we’ve got a few gift ideas that pair well with wanderers.

Personalized luggage tags
Some travelers choose to stand out at baggage claim with bright yellow suitcases wrapped in caution tape – we think it’s possible to stand out from the pack and maintain your dignity. These luggage tags add a stylish touch to your cargo so you can leave the red ribbons at home.

As the TSA allowances for liquid carry-ons is returning to a more reasonable one, it’s getting easier to bring favorite drinks and lotions on flights. Get through security without a hassle using these convenient bottles.

Luggage locks
You’ll feel a little more secure on the train or in your hotel with these TSA approved luggage locks. Not too bulky to travel with, and sturdy enough to keep your electronics and valuables safe from sticky fingers.

Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

“To lose a passport is the least of one’s worries. To losee a notebook is a catastrophe.” -Bruce Chatwin

You’ve probably heard of Evernote, the popular app that makes remembering and sharing almost anything easier than ever. Well, they’ve partnered up with Moleskine – the definitive notebook for creative note-takers – to create sweet harmony between your analog life and your digital one. Plus, it comes with three months of Evernote Premium for free.

Knee Defender
Recently discussed on This American Life, this controversial gadget is a relief for tall travelers who have exhausted their options for comfort. It’s basically a steering wheel club that you wedge in your seat-back tray, and it prevents the person in front of you from reclining too far. If you’re going to use it, we recommend that you tell the person in front of you before takeoff.

External mobile charger
There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a long flight with a dead phone. This mobile charger comes in handy when you need some emergency juice, and it’s compatible with a handful of devices including iPhone, Galaxy and most Androids.

Personalized passport covers
When you’re traveling across the world, you should wear your passport like a badge of honor. Celebrate that book, and give it some personality with designs that can be found on Etsy.

World’s Best Street Food
This is a great book for anyone who knows the value of good street food. Compiled and created by food writers from around the world, this guide shows you where to find some of the best local grub and even includes recipes to recreate them.

If you’re looking to travel for a couple weeks with one carry-on bag, this is it. Built with clothing in mind, the shape and material allows for maximum compression and even has two compartments to separate your clean and dirty laundry.

Eyn Phone Cases

Turn your iPhone into a wallet with these slick cases from Eyn. Choose from any of the fun colors and patterns and keep your cards and cash in one place for an extra light travel experience.

Here’s some unique electrical adapters that will have you covered no matter where you roam. The universal adapters that include UK, Europe and China outlets allow an easy switch wherever you are.

That’s our list of gifts for all you soon-to-be-travelers and would-be-wanderers. Leave us a comment below and let us know some of your favorite travel gadgets and accessories.


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