5 Books to Keep You Traveling from Home


Reading a book centered around traveling can be a perfect way to help keep your wanderlust at bay and pass the time while you are staying at home. To help give you a starting point, we’ve outlined five fiction books that we’d recommend you look into for your next read.

1. Again, but Better by Christine Riccio

Dreaming of Europe? This will be just the book for you!

When Shane signs up to study abroad in London, she believes she has found the adventurous change she’s been looking for. With Shane feeling that she’s lacking new friends, creative experiences and downright bored of her daily repetitive life, she dives headfirst into her travels. Trying to re-write her college mistakes, Shane has big plans in mind when she touches down in London. But she soon realizes this may be tougher than she thinks.

Through heartbreak, new friendships, and many countries later Shane is a relatable character that many college students can attest to.

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2. And We’re Off by Dana Schwartz

This book will have you captivated from cover to cover as you touch down on your new adventure right from your couch!

When Nora Holmes is offered an all-expense-paid trip to Europe by her Grandfather she is ecstatic to study the most famous artists in the world and immerse herself in European culture. What’s the catch? Through her summer spent in Ireland, she must send her grandfather one piece of art each week. Through self-exploration, and an unexpected travel buddy, read along as Nora explores new countries and channels her creative spirit. 

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3. Students Across the Seven Seas Series by Various Authors

This series consist of over ten books written by a wide range of authors, but all centered around studying abroad. Each book shares a new character with their own personality, place in life, and travel ups and downs.  

Outlined below are a few books from the series!

Up Over Down Under by Micol Ostow & Noah Harlan

This story dives into the lives of two students studying abroad, Eliza an American studying in Melbourne, Australia, and Billie, an Australian native abroad in Washington, D.C. Both girls are a part of environmental programs where they are unsure about their new opportunities, and both discover a lot about themselves, as well as their new surroundings.

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Spain or Shine by Michelle Jellen

Elena is determined to own the spotlight, separating herself from her three siblings by traveling to Spain for an entire semester. She quickly falls in love with Spain, living up each day in the sun and writing plays. However, Elena realizes that working behind the scenes, rather than being in the spotlight has its benefits too.

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Now and Zen by Linda Gerber

Nori is an American student studying abroad in Japan, where she is immersed into a culture of everything she dreamed about. She becomes friends with a German student who automatically assumes she is a Japanese native, due to her Japanese features. What could the harm be pretending to be Japanese? Nori navigates this unfamiliar culture, new friendships, and finding herself and her Japanese spirit through this story.

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4. 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

 This story focuses on traveling in general. Ginny receives a letter from her Aunt Peg, which arrives in a little blue envelope. Inside there is $1,000 along with instructions to purchase a passport, a plane ticket, and where to find the other twelve letters. With the retrieval of each letter, Ginny finds out what she must do in that destination along with where she needs to go next. Her Aunt leads her throughout London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and more. Read along to experience Ginny’s adventures with her!

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5. Are We There Yet? By David Levinthan

When two brothers are tricked, by their parents, into traveling abroad together in hopes of mending their relationship it becomes their nightmare. When they touch down in Italy, they realize they will be together 24/7, that is until they both meet the same girl, Julia.

Follow along with both brothers as they navigate a new country, relationships, and discovering themselves.

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