The EF Community: Travis Tamerius

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Director of the Center of Ethics and Global Studies at William Woods University

When one of Travis’s first attempts at taking students abroad was unsuccessful, he realized he needed a strategic partner to handle the logistics and help him build a sustainable travel program. After partnering with EF Study Abroad, Travis dedicated his time to finding all the financial and academic support he needed—including launching a service-focused fundraising project—and started a tradition of travel within his university. So far he’s been to Peru, Turkey and South Africa with his students.

“Use the strengths and resources of other people. The collaboration with EF was huge and saved my sanity.”

Travis’ Fundraising Tips

Make social media work for you
“Keep a blog on every program. Provide content leading up to the trip, daily reports of what you’re doing on the trip and post-trip reflections by the students. Those updates help tell the story of what you’re doing and will inspire other students to travel.”

Create a travel network
“To build a quality program, identify the resources that are at your university—like alumni relations, development and marketing, academic council and admissions—and find ways to partner with them to help spread the word.”

Turn to the community
“Project 123 is a service-based project I created where students complete 123 hours of community service to earn money for their trip. It’s funded by philanthropic donors and earns the city thousands of hours of community service. But beyond that, it gives more students the chance to see the world.”

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