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CST Personal Travel Option: Lisbon

With Spain dominating the Iberian Peninsula, it can be easy to overlook mighty, little Portugal. What a mistake! The country's capital of Lisbon makes for a rewarding extra stop on any European itinerary.

CST Personal Travel Option: Valencia

Hello Travelers! Interested in studying abroad in Spain? You're just in luck! We offer a program, Spain: The Land of Many Cultures, that includes the beautiful city of Valencia. We wanted to share with you some great things to check out while you're there.

Top 10 In-Flight Necessities

For some, the excitement of travel is enough to distract them through even the most painful layovers and delays. For the rest of us, we need a little assistance to help us make it through the flight. We asked our EF travelers for the best ways to keep it together at 20,000 ft., and here's what they told us.

5 Culinary Curiosities

Food has helped to shape language, tradition and gut-sizes for as long as we’ve been able to explore beyond our own turf. Sometimes we try new dishes to gain a small cultural insight, and sometimes just because it’s different.

Spontaneous Moments in Germany and Eastern Europe

I was fortunate to lead a group of some of the most wonderful students I've ever met through Germany, France and the Netherlands last Easter. On the trip,

Engaging Students On Tour

In my previous post, I wrote about the nightmares I have leading up to my tours.  I stress a lot about being sure that the overall experience exceeds the expectations of my students and their parents. 

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