Off the Beaten Path: Leake Street

It’s no secret that cities like Paris, Barcelona and Prague are incredible places to explore. But once the thrill of travel has settled in and you start focusing on what really catches your eye, you’re bound to unearth something amazing. Take a closer look into some of our favorite finds from off the beaten path, and consider how they might add a distinctive touch to your syllabus.

London, England: Leake Street

Also known as Banksy Tunnel for the artist’s Cans Festival from 2008, Leake Street is a 1,000-foot-long palimpsest of ever-changing graffiti. A two-minute walk from London’s Waterloo Station, this pedestrian-only tunnel is a community canvas, with striking—and often politically charged—messages painted in every color and shape. It also serves as an indicator of popular opinion, where the people’s voice finds expression before the blogs and papers have formed a point of view.

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