3 Places to Visit in Prague

Packed with history and charm, Prague is a political, cultural and economic hub for central Europe.

Trending Destination: Australia & New Zealand

Separated only by the Tasman Sea, Australia and New Zealand offer two distinct cultures—one of British influence and one of indigenous descent.

10 Foods to Try on the Grand Tour of Italy

Risotto, bistecca alla fiorentina, gelato, antipasto, and more!

4 Things to do in Shanghai, China

Shanghai’s ancient customs mingle with modern technology. This dynamic city is constantly evolving, and evidence of its blossoming capitalism can be found in its expanding infrastructure, bustling streets and global influence.

Top Reasons to Visit China

China is an ancient, mysterious, and beautiful country, filled with rich history and culture. From the Great Wall to the Forbidden City, to the numerous temples and palaces, there are countless reasons to visit on your next program—but we’ll just name a few here.

I went to Versailles, and you should too

On the Taste of France program you will have the option of going to Versailles- in fact, a lot of the EF College Study Programs that go through France have the option to visit this palace of opulence.