5 Tips to Walk Your Way Through Europe

So how does one master the art of walking your way through Europe? Here are 5 tips to make the most of every moment.

5 Optional Excursions You Won’t Want to Miss

Did you know that oftentimes there are additional experiences you can add to your program? That’s right, you can add even more amazing experiences on top of your already life-changing time abroad.

Tasting Your Way Through Scotland

Taking a tour of Scotland? While the food scene is similar to what you will find all over the UK, there are a few Scottish must-tries. Here are the 10 food experiences you don’t want to miss!

Paris, The Muse

When you push your students to apply their knowledge in a new and dynamic environment, they learn more than you could possibly imagine. For an art student, the journey is never over, but it begins in the “City of Art”.

5 places you MUST visit in Rome, Italy

It's no secret that there are many fun things to learn and do while in Rome. From going to visit the ancient Colosseum to…

Part III – An EF farewell

What feels like a week’s worth of adventure in snowy Paris comes to an end on our third day. Over breakfast, we reminisce about the moments that defined our time spent abroad, and the gradual transformation from traveler into Group Leader.