5 places you MUST visit in Rome, Italy

It’s no secret that there are many fun things to learn and do while in Rome. From going to visit the ancient Colosseum to eating the greatest pasta all’Arrabbiata in the world, Rome is known for its extensive history, great Empire, amazing cuisine, and of course, fascinating art masterpieces. Rome truly has it all!

If you are looking for a hands-on Italian experience in your free time and you’re interested in getting to know some of the greatest off the beaten path places in Rome, pay close attention and continue reading.

Photo by Ioana Radescu on Unsplash

-Trastevere Quartiere. Visit the narrow streets of Trastevere to get a feel of what the first few constructed neighborhoods of Rome look like. This area was conquered early on by the Romans for them to have full control of both sides of the river. Trastevere is located South of the Vatican City. Since the beginning of history, it has been known as the center for the Jewish community, housing the first synagogue ever constructed in Rome. This beautiful and small region of Rome is known for its contrasting qualities. Also, its alternative and artistic vibes give its visitors a completely different view of what a Roman district looks like. The region is full of youth, modern artists and a great nightlife.

Photo by Andrea B.

Testaccio Quartiere. This neighborhood is a hidden gem full of rich history. Located south of the center of Rome, it holds precious historic monuments and spots such as the old Matattoio, the Roman War Cemetery, the Broken Pot Museum, and many others. For instance, places like the Citta dell’Altra Economia, which used to be an old slaughterhouse, is now an organic shop that has live music every Sunday. This space is dedicated to a “new”‘ economy and a “new”, simple way of living.

Palazzo Venezia. This secret, beautiful spot is one  of Rome’s most prestigious monuments that not many know about. Surprisingly enough, it is located very close to the Colosseum and right in front of Piazza Venezia. It was constructed to be a monastery, yet it became a residential papal palace. It is very quiet and private, with a magical garden in the center of it all. Once Benito Mussolini took power, he gained control over it; making his office one of the rooms in this magnificent building, and purposely choosing the room with a balcony overlooking Piazza Venezia, where he used to give speeches to the Romans. But, that’s not all, once Mussolini moved into this infrastructure, he started building secret bunkers bellow it… the latest one was found in 2010. Don’t miss out on exploring this incredible place!

Piazza Cavour. Finding a nice, silent, green space in Rome can be challenging, yet this harmonious location is the key to all things calm! Visit the small, non-traditional piazza, located North of the Vatican City. Behind the Palace of Justice, this piazza brings a peaceful vibe, surrounded by chic restaurants. Its layout is simple, making it easy to get around. Even though it feels like a more “modern” piazza, compared to the others around the city of Rome, it still has historic statues and monuments all around. It’s a fun place to spend the afternoon, read a book or chat with friends, or, just hang out before dinner!

Photo by Andrea B.

-Biblioteca Angelica. If you’re a book worm, this is the perfect place for you! This beautiful, quiet, library is located very close to the ancient Roman Pantheon. It’s very silent, peaceful, and most importantly, full of books. It holds about 180,000 volumes of all types of manuscripts and is  considered the oldest European library that is still open to the public.

Next time you are on one of our programs in Rome,  bring this list with you to participate in as many Roman experiences as you can.

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