Off the Beaten Path: Liberdade, Brazil

It’s no secret that cities like Paris, Barcelona and Prague are incredible places to explore. But once the thrill of travel has settled in and you start focusing on what really catches your eye, you’re bound to unearth something amazing. Take a closer look into some of our favorite finds from off the beaten path, and consider how they might add a distinctive touch to your syllabus.

São Paulo, Brazil: Liberdade

If you want to see a vibrant Japanese neighborhood that’s home to two international Japanese publications, look no farther than … São Paulo, Brazil. Liberdade is the largest Japanese community outside of Japan in the world. The weekly street fair (Saturdays and Sundays) is an excellent opportunity to study traditional artisanship. It’s also a great place to show your students the effects of globalization in the multi-ethnic environment of a Japanese community in South America, which attracts tourists from all over the world, including Japanophiles and manga and anime fans in costume.

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