10 Things (and Tips!) to bring when packing for Ecuador & The Galápagos


1 | Water shoes that can double as hiking shoes
Whether you have Tevas, Chacos or prefer another brand of tough-soled water shoes, you’ll want to bring them! You’ll be walking on unsteady grounds, rocky beaches, and snorkeling atop moss-covered rocks. Having shoes that can double as water shoes and hiking shoes means you’ll be able to pack light when you leave the hotel for the day!

2 | Dramamine
Even if you’ve never gotten seasick on a boat, the locals highly recommend bringing Dramamine with you for every trip between the islands. You’ll be taking water taxi to ferry to water taxi and back again, with all the time on the water, you won’t want sea sickness to ruin your experience on land!

3 | Immodium
Especially for those adventurous eaters! You’ll be eating local food at all the EF-organized meals, but if you choose to adventure off and try local empanadas or something else you’ll definitely want to have this in your back pocket as a safety precaution.

4 | Sunscreen
Bring more than you expect to need, the only thing worse than getting a sunburn on vacation is having to pay three times as much for sunscreen on vacation. It tends to be more expensive outside the US!

5 | Water bottle
Bring your own water bottle to be able to refill with the filtered water at your hotel. Even better than a water bottle? Bringing a camelback bladder that you can carry in your backpack for long day trips away from the hotel.

6 | Bug spray
You’ll want to carry this with you, especially at night and for your hikes!

7 | A towel
Most of the hotels actually have towels you can rent for a few dollars or you can buy a towel at a local shop as a souvenir, but if you are looking to save money then bring your own!

8 | Snorkeling gear (if you have it!)
Snorkeling gear is provided to those who don’t have it, but if you have your own snorkel gear you are likely partial to using it. If it fits into your bag (still aim to pack light!) then by all means, bring it along!

9 | US Dollars
The local currency of Quito and the Galapágos is the US Dollar, so you won’t need to go to exchange your dollars for the local currency. But be sure to bring coins and small bills ($1 or $5) as the cost of food and souvenirs is cheaper than you might expect, and the locals are not likely to have change for larger bills.

10 | A flexible, positive attitude
When traveling anywhere (and especially in the Galapágos) this is a necessity – and is quite light to pack! The islands work at their own rhythm and pace.

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