3 Post-Program Travel Activities for Your Students

If you recently returned home from a study abroad program and you’re already excited to start traveling with your students again, try hosting a few post-program activities to keep your students engaged. Hosting post-program travel activities is a perfect way to debrief with your travelers and discover new students who are interested in future programs.

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1. Photo Competition

Hosting a photo competition is an easy, yet effective way to encourage post-program buzz on your campus. Encourage your travelers to post images on their social media channels that they took during their program that encompass the culture of a country you visited or a highlight of their trip. Ask them to use a designated hashtag so you can see all of the submitted images, or have them take a screenshot to share with you as their entry.

Once the photos are submitted select one winner or multiple, for a small prize. You can then showcase the winners in a distinct area on-campus to share the amazing images that students submitted with your campus community. This will not only congratulate all those who took amazing snapshots but also encourage others to study abroad and immerse themselves in new international experiences.

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2. Cultural Presentations by Students

There are endless educational opportunities and teaching moments for you and your students during an EF Study Abroad program. A presentation once you’re back on campus is a great way to showcase newfound knowledge with the community! Presentations can be done individually or in groups and can cover anything from favorite moments on the program to the biggest takeaways about a new culture.

Hosting the presentations in a community space on-campus and sharing the event with students, faculty, and staff at your college or university is the perfect way to get everyone involved. Creating a platform for your students to share what studying abroad has taught them with others is not only empowering but also a learning experience for everyone who attends. Don’t forget to invite students who have expressed interest in future programs, as this is the perfect opportunity to hear firsthand about the benefits of studying abroad!

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3. Create an EF Traveler Facebook Group

Create an EF Study Abroad traveler group on Facebook that is exclusive to your campus to provide your students with the opportunity to connect with others who have traveled or are planning to travel. This is a great way to build a community and enable your travelers to ask questions, share stories, and give helpful tips while making new friends along the way!

This space also creates the perfect opportunity to post updates for new programs you may be leading or upcoming trip fundraisers. Through the Facebook group, you are also able to start photo albums where members can upload images that they have taken during a program. This is a great way for everyone to reflect on the program, while simultaneously inspiring future students!

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These three ideas are unique ways to empower your returning travelers to share what they have learned while also engaging other students who are interested in studying abroad on your next program. Before you know it, everyone will be asking when your next program is and where you’re heading!

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