Study Abroad Scholarships and Beyond

EF College Study Study Abroad Scholarships

Want to learn how you can support your students with funding their study abroad experience? Connect with one of our Program Consultants for opportunities and resources specific to your institutional landscape.


Travel is an investment in your students’ future—it grows their confidence, improves their grades, and even helps to land that dream job. As much as study abroad is a professional investment, we also recognize that it is a financial investment, too.  We’ve compiled everything you need to know about study abroad scholarships and funding international education here!

1. Learn about EF Study Abroad’ s scholarships

We recently expanded our scholarship offerings, and now award over $20,000 per year.  They are awarded based on merit, financial need, and diversity & equity. We release our scholarship application well ahead of the deadline to ensure ample time for applicants to gather their materials and recommendations.

You can learn more about the scholarships we offer for students on our scholarship overview page, and students can also connect with our Traveler Support Specialists at 1-877-485-4184 or email at to discuss how to qualify and apply for EF Study Abroad scholarships.

2. Find other study abroad scholarships available to students

Trying to find funding that fit students’ needs can be daunting given the variety available online, so we have compiled some tips on how to begin the search:

We recommend…

  • Narrow your search criteria based on interests, for example:
    • “Architecture Study Abroad Scholarships”
  • Search for scholarships based on destination, for example:
    • “Japan Study Abroad Scholarships”
  • Find opportunities based on timeline, for example:
    • “Study Abroad Scholarships 2022”
  • See what’s available for students that have received other grants and awards, for example:
    • “Pell Grant recipient study abroad scholarships”

In addition, we’ve compiled a list of external opportunities to get your students’ search off to a strong start. Check out the list here:  Additional funding opportunities.

3. When students travel with EF, they get more than just scholarship opportunities

Along with EF Study Abroad’ s opportunities, EF also offers a wide range of tools to help students fund their program, for example:

  • Our EF Budgeting Guide that helps students develop a plan to fit study abroad into their individual budget
  • A student Fundraising Guide that offers tips and recommendations for setting up a fundraiser to fund your program
  • An EF Customized Donation Page that connects directly to a traveler’s account, and 100% of proceeds are applied directly to a traveler’s balance
  • Customized payment plans to fit their needs, including monthly and bi-weekly installments, with no interest

Most importantly, you can always connect with your Program Consultant to learn more about EF Study Abroad’ s commitment to creating financially accessible programming, and students can always connect with our Traveler Support Specialists to discuss personal financial plans that meet their budget needs at 1-877-485-4184 or email at


Faculty: Chat with a Program Consultant who partners with institutions like yours to learn about successful funding and scholarship opportunities for all learners.