EF College Study at NAFSA 2015

EF Study Abroad was honored to be part of the week long annual NAFSA conference hosted in our hometown of Boston. We were thrilled to moderate a panel titled “Short Term Faculty-Led Programs: Why Accessibility Matters,” which explored how short-term programs are providing more opportunities for a variety students. Our National Director of University Partnerships Jeff Penedo led a panel that included Wagaye Johannes, the Director of Projects at the Institute of International Education, Dr. Scott Manning of Susquehanna University, and Dr. Peter Loedel of West Chester University.


Before an audience of senior administrators and faculty, the panel members discussed their challenges and shared innovative solutions to mutual struggles. Wagaye outlined the goals of IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative and how her organization has been working closely with administrators and faculty across the country to establish effective programs. Dr. Loedel attributed much West Chester University’s success to new methods in faculty training, as well as including students and educators from different departments into more short-term programs. The audience had the opportunity to ask the panel about a range of campus-specific questions that included the pros and cons of short-term programs, risk management and building a cross-disciplinary syllabus designed to be taken abroad.

EF College Study Tours team (left to right): Caitlyn Walker, Kristy Moore, Joanna Bradshaw, Matthew Parks and Robert Specking

NAFSA 2015 Exhibition Hall – Boston, MA

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