The EF Community: Bridget Burgoyne

Bridget Burgoyne

Director, Faculty-Led Programs at the EF North American Headquarters

To help globalize your curriculum, Bridget integrates your goals into short-term faculty-led study abroad programs. She’s your collaborator and expert in program design, campus recruitment and continued program success. She makes sure your objectives on campus and teaching moments abroad are one and the same.

“I want to make your trip a sustainable program and help take your curriculum anywhere you want to go.”

Bridget’s Favorite Itineraries

Munich & Prague
“This professor’s group studies the lives of specific filmmakers; they learn about these artists in the destinations they’re from, film while abroad and create a documentary when they return.”

Human Rights in Europe
“The professor’s program already covered political content so I worked with her to add visits to five NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that focused on human rights violations.”

Hospitality in China
“One professor took our program to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong and adapted it to include a behind-the-scenes look at hotels in each city, and tied it in to a course on hospitality administration.”

Show your students the world and help us create a custom itinerary based on your curriculum. Let’s make it happen.

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