EF Turns 50: Opening the world through education

Today is EF's 50th anniversary, and EFers in our 500 schools and offices around the world will toast this golden milestone with a round-the-clock celebration.

4 Ways to Talk About Your Global Skills

Whether you studied abroad for a semester or traveled on a faculty-led program with your professor, employers recognize that candidates with experience abroad have gained the global perspective needed to compete in a diverse economy.

A Firsthand Orientation Tour Experience from a Tour Consultant: Part I...

No matter how many times I travel, I always have to stop and appreciate the energy coming from first-time EF travelers. It usually begins right after we touch down. I

Bringing Study Abroad back Home

With the benefits of studying abroad well-documented, the number of college students looking to go overseas is on the rise.

Group Leader Questions from EF’s International Orientation

During my time on EF’s free international training tour, it was a privilege to work with the EF staff from Boston, Denver, and Lucerne, and to meet the new group leaders who all had such interesting teaching and travel experiences.

Interview With EF Tour Director Rafi Martinez

A recent trip to Barcelona to watch some soccer (don’t ask, it went badly) gave me the chance to catch up with Spanish TD Rafi Martinez. Rafi hails from Barcelona and has been leading tours in her native country and beyond for eight years.