Angela’s Story | EF Alumni Student Voices

Fast-forward six years later and I now work for a very well-known travel company. I interact with people from all over the world every day and I credit my current success in my role in part to my experience traveling abroad.

Discovering Costa Rica

Cassandra Lund has traveled on more than fifteen EF tours and has more planned through 2013. She shares insight into her Costa Rica trip.

Chris’s Story | EF Alumni Student Voices

Hear from EF College Study traveler Alumni, Chris A. as he reflects on the impact study abroad had on him in college and why he now encourages others to get outside their comfort zone and experience new places.

Carolina’s Story | EF Alumni Student Voices

I had always been intrigued by different cultures and languages, but thanks to my first short-term study abroad experience with EF to Italy & Greece, I felt that in some ways, I had finally found my purpose in life.

Best Wake-up Call Ever

In May 2009, I was leading a group of 51 people (20 students and 31 adults) on EF College Study Tours’ "France, Germany and the Alps" tour. We had landed in Paris three days before, and were now off to Switzerland.

Student turned Professional: Alice McAvoy living in Shanghai, China

Alice McAvoy was a student at Saint Anselm College when she first traveled to China in 2009 with EF College Study Tours. Her professor, Dr. Tom Fitzpatrick, led his "Business in China" program every year for students across schools and disciplines.