5 Ways Travel Helps Your Students Grow

On an EF Study Abroad program, students learn more about themselves, the world, and their place in the world. When learners participate in our intentionally designed programs that leverage our Global Learning Model, they develop global competencies before, during, and after their in-country immersion—deepening learning and accelerating personal development.

While we could spend days talking about all the ways travel helps your students learn, we’re guessing you don’t have time for that, so we’ll limit ourselves to just 5 of the ways an EF Study Abroad program can help your students grow.

Travel boosts confidence and curiosity

Ordering food in a new language. Navigating a metro system for the first time. When students travel, they get endless opportunities to stretch themselves. And the best part is, the confidence and curiosity they gain stay with them long after they return home from their program.

Travel strengthens and broadens students’ global perspective.

Each EF Study Abroad program includes intentionally designed guided learning, community engagement, and independent exploration components which are all informed by subject matter experts so your students can maximize their growth abroad. Learners can expect to gain exposure to various cultures and participate in guided intercultural and community engagement visits to build global perspective and intercultural awareness.

Travel is a lesson in empathy and relatability

There is so much personal development that happens when students put themselves in new situations by traveling abroad. Learners can expect to enhance interpersonal skills like empathy and relatability while traveling by meeting new people and exploring both differences and similarities in the ways they live and think. These skills will help them foster connection and collaboration within the communities they interact in throughout the rest of their lives. These transferrable skills will benefit students not only in their academic careers but professional careers as well.

Travel helps students become more adaptable

From navigating new foods and new currencies to rolling with the sometimes unpredictable curveballs that come with the territory of travel (flight changes or unexpected weather patterns), travel is a lesson in adaptability—a key skill valued in the job market today.

Travel increases students’ self-awareness

Prior to traveling with EF Study Abroad, learners are given access to a variety of resources to help prepare them for their experience in-country. From goal-setting exercises and journal prompts, to webinars and pre-travel discussion topics and assessments, students will be given the tools and resources they need to start their experience with an open mind and embrace new challenges abroad. While on their program, learners will participate in intentionally designed moments of personal time to reflect and immerse within the culture on an individual level allowing space for self-discovery throughout their entire experience.

The development of these skills has been shown to accelerate success in all aspects of learner’s lives promoting career growth, global citizenship, life readiness, and more. Want to learn more about our educational and intentional approach to program design? Read about our Global Learning Model here.

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