The Benefits of Creating a Sustainable Study Abroad Program

There are many benefits to creating a sustainable study abroad program on your campus. From recruitment to retention, offering study abroad programming adds value to your institution. Here are just a few of the ways establishing a recurring study abroad portfolio matters to…

Your admissions

Study abroad is a differentiator, as long as it’s offered with consistency. Oftentimes admission officers are thrilled to include compelling blurbs about international education and stories about student experiences in their recruitment-to-campus efforts.

Your larger campus

Developing “A Culture of Study Abroad” can be a challenge, especially coming out of COVID, but developing a portfolio of options can demonstrate to your students that here, at your institution, they can expect that education abroad opportunities will be awarded to them in the future. Having an engaged and positive study abroad culture means that the idea of going overseas is normalized and that your campus prioritizes global curiosity and encourages exploration. Each year generating interest in your program will become easier as more students return and share their experiences.

Professors teaching abroad

Your students

By studying abroad, students learn more about themselves, the world, and their place in the world and develop global competencies before, during, and after their in-country immersion. There are a whole host of ways travel helps your students grow and by offering recurring programming, students actually get to SEE their peers growing through travel which can encourage students who otherwise might not have considered the idea to give studying abroad a try. In an engaged and positive culture, you see more participation abroad and thus, more student lives enriched. Not to mention, offering programs years in advance gives students the ability to plan for their program and divide the cost into more manageable monthly payments.

Your personal professional development 

By leading an EF group abroad, you’ll have the chance to engage in enriching professional development and growth for you; as an educator, as a professional, and as an individual, you too will develop a whole host of competencies to add to your professional dossier.

Want to get started building a sustainable study abroad program at your institution? We will help you every step of the way. Learn more here. 

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