Academics with EF

Our educational approach is truly unmatched. Every program is intentionally designed to maximize learning and develop skills that are critical to accelerating success in all aspects of students’ lives. Our programs are informed by close collaboration with academic institutions- who provide amazing perks like offering your students the chance to attend Nobel Week Dialogue in Sweden (check out the 2021 and 2022 winners), and are enhanced with outcome assessments and curriculum integration tools, driven by our vision for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Additionally, we have innovated our portfolio to ensure we have a product offering for everyone. Our intentionally built programs translate across a variety of program types but all balance culture with education. Every program includes guided learning, community engagement, and independent exploration components. Having our programs designed this way allows you to build a scalable and sustainable partnership with one organization that can truly show you the world, not just parts of it.  

Take a look at how some institutions and professors have synched their courses with our programs: 

If you want to stretch your creativity, you could use some of these examples to draw inspiration from and center your course around a specific monument in the world.  For example: 

So, don’t let language be a barrier– Wherever and whatever you want to teach your course on, we can make it happen. 

With that in mind, regardless of your academic interest, all our programs are built to provide safe and inclusive learning environments and foster global citizens of the future. We demonstrate our vision for equity, inclusion and belonging for all learners by our commitment to financial aid scholarships, student readiness resources as well as post program help like what to do once your group returns home.

Regardless if you have worked with us for 10 years or this is your first program, we not only provide your institution with tips for teaching and globalizing your curriculum, but we can connect you with other like-minded faculty and administrators on best practices on making your program the greatest it can be.

To learn more about our academic excellence email us at: 

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