Security with EF

Our travelers’ safety is our number one priority. With over 55 years of experience we lead the charge on student safety. In addition to a crew of people who work behind-the-scenes on every program, our safety and emergency teams are on the ground with 51,500 EF staff located in 655 schools and offices in 120 countries, where we are available to offer on-the-ground support everywhere our groups travel.  

Our Safety and emergency teams also manage health concerns, injuries, and world events; for example, when we helped navigate Italy and Switzerland’s reopening post COVID-19 shutdowns.  

Additionally, all institutions and faculty leaders who travel with EF can travel with ease as we have been awarded the Safe Travels Stamp. In addition to everyone being automatically added as additional insureds under our $50 million General Liability Policy. For extra security, first time Group Leaders have the opportunity to take part in a fully-funded international orientation where they can see our safety measures and teams in action.  

But faculty, administrator and student safety are not all we care about at EF. We take a stand again animal cruelty to ensure all wildlife can live on this planet with us in harmony. 

So, whether it’s a worldwide pandemic, a sprained ankle, a missed flight, or how to interact with wild animals, we’ve seen it all. So, whatever happens, we’re ready and here for you.  

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