Don’t Let Language be a Barrier!

When traveling abroad it can be challenging to communicate with locals if you aren’t familiar with the primary language of the country you are in. It is normal to experience some culture shock, feel a bit uncomfortable, and/or struggle with communication.

We all come from different backgrounds; we all have different stories, traditions, customs, likes, and dislikes, but this shouldn’t stop us from stepping out of our comfort zones and meeting new people. So get excited and take that JUMP!

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

After all, that is what studying abroad is all about; thinking outside the box, taking risks and being brave. While we might not share the same language, chances are we do share common feelings and expressions.

There are many approaches one can take to prepare for travel to a new place. Taking time to understand cultural norms, history, or the local language are all great places to start.

By knowing some simple, basic words, you will most likely feel connected to the country and will be able to communicate with the communities you are in just a little bit better!

To help you and your group get started, we’ve created quick cheat sheets of vocabulary that might be helpful to know before you go on your EF Study Abroad Program!

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