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How to Leverage Your Study Abroad Experience in a Cover Letter

Why write a cover letter?  A cover letter is your opportunity to tell a company why they should hire you. While your resume…

How to Leverage Study Abroad on Your Resume

Your experience on an EF College Study program will add value to your resume no matter the nature of the position you are applying for. To get you started in the process, we have included a few examples of what it might look like to add your experience to your resume.

3 Post-Program Travel Activities for Your Students

Hosting post-program travel activities is the perfect way to debrief with your travelers and discover students who are interested in future programs!

Want to land your dream job? Study abroad!

Did you know that students who study abroad find employment sooner than students who did not study abroad? Or that students with an international experience earn 25% higher starting salaries than those without one?